Your personal wellbore data expert

Manage data at your fingertips with Gamma

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, you no longer have to rely on manual methods to analyze your wellbore logging data. You have a great option today – use Gamma for smart data interpretation and management in a few clicks from anywhere and at any time.

No matter how many members you have on your team or how many wellbore logs you need to analyze, Gamma helps you bring all your data on a single unified platform. It’s time to save your money, time, and efforts by making the most of automation in managing, analysis and interpretation of your  wellbore data.

Be smart, efficient, and quick with Gamma that gives you rapid results after a thorough analysis of your data

From routine-based tasks to complex data interpretation, automate all your tasks with the one and only personal data expert

Get full transparency in your data analysis results with special automatic tools that give detailed, accurate, and quick results

Combine the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce time and save effort in your data analysis

Gamma Has Solutions For All Your Data-Related Problems

From having a few tasks to managing different complex data, Gamma interprets real-time, precise, and intuitive analysis of all your data.

Gone are the days when you had to knock doors of costly data experts for your data analysis. With us, you can implement our proven industry-recognized techniques to organize your messy, scattered, and complex well data like a pro.

Use the power of machine learning to take your business to the next level with automated wellbore data management and interpretation in no time.

Collect All Your Data Safely On A Unified Platform!

With the use of our expert artificial intelligence tools, we help you manage your multi-well workflows with a hassle-less electronic experience. Whether you have hundreds of gigabytes of data or just a few projects to manage, use our expert AI-recognized software to process everything simultaneously.

Control, analyze and estimate all your wellbore data with a consistent flow and fast usage

Analyzing mass data is no walk in the park, especially if you don’t have an expert data management tool. That’s where Gamma comes in. With Gamma, you can now focus on more important things rather than managing your chunks of data. We have result-driven artificial intelligence products that leave no loophole in effectively managing, analyzing, and sequencing your data.

Want a Mass Analysis of Well Data? Not a Problem with Gamma

Mass Data Collaboration was never as easy as it is with Gamma today. Whether you want to connect your data with other applications or secure it on other platforms, Gamma has got you covered. Now you can collaborate all your mass data on different platforms effectively without compromising the results.

Get A Boost In Productivity With The One And Only Gamma

Increase the productivity of your business by accurate interpretation and of wellbore data with our powerful data-driven tools. Not only are these tools simple and easy to use for anyone, but they also give fantastic accuracy in data interpretation and data analysis

Gamma Is Your All-round Data Analysis Tool

Gamma not only stands out from the crowd for its high-end efficiency but also for serving as an all-rounder data analysis tool. From small laptops to high performant clouds, you can use Gamma to analyze your data on any device from the comfort of your home.

Reliable automatic interpretation of borehole data

Get full transparency with Gamma during your wellbore data analysis and get it faster, efficiently and more reliable then ever before.
Solution is proved on real oil and gas fields over the world with different geological conditions.

240 sec

Time of full interpretation of an average field of 150 wells

4000 usd

Average cost savings per interpretation per month per employee in US


Algorithms work constantly to make the result better and they do not need rest

Are you looking for an advanced solution for working with wellbore logging data?

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